Best Auto Theft Deterrent & Anti theft devices

In today’s world, robberies, criminal activities, and burglaries have become so common that no one is safe from them. Any of your personal belongings, valuables, items, and especially vehicles can be stolen or robbed. To avoid that, some security precautions must be taken. There are many high maintenance and over-priced equipment available for the security of one’s valuable cars but not everyone can afford them. For the sharp of the mind, we have a list of tips and tricks that could help in taking care of your vehicles, making sure precious automobiles are safe and secure.

These tricks are some of the best auto anti-theft devices which we’ll be discussing.

Anti-theft Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Lock your doors, Roll up your windows

This may seem like a basic precaution that many people with the belief that “Out of a billion other cars, why would the robbers choose ours” have ignored and paid dearly because of. This is the first and by far the most important step. Whether you’re home alone, or out shopping, whether you’re going for a vacation or for some work, make sure that each and every window of your car is locked and sealed and every door is locked and shut. Doing such would make sure that

Your vehicle is not approachable

Robbers do not find any ease in trying to steal your vehicle

If robbers do try stealing vehicles, they draw attention which harms their activity.

Robbers always prefer to steal from or loot vehicles that have careless owners and doors and windows easily accessible. Therefore, taking this step would ensure that nobody would eye up your cars looking to cause trouble. Thus, this could be considered one of the best measures of security and possibly the best anti-theft deterrent.

Remove your keys from the ignition, don’t leave spare keys

Another one of the most important factors of vehicular security can be considered always keeping your keys on you. Not leaving any spare keys for any thieves to be able to reach. It is very common to hide a spare key in the secure box of your car, don’t do that. Because it’s so common, thieves know exactly where to look, causing your car to be an easy victim.

Make sure you take the following measures in this step.

Never leave your keys in the ignition

Keep your keys on you, wherever you might go from the vehicle

Don’t leave spare keys in the car

Following these easy steps, you can make sure that your vehicles remain safe and nobody tries to steal them or any materials inside it.

Don’t leave your valuables in your car

A lot of people make this mistake, and it is absolutely careless. Everything that is valuable to you, including precious items, equipment and other stuff, make sure you don’t leave them in your cars or other vehicles. Since vehicular theft is very common nowadays, it is only fair that you take this measure to make sure that your vehicle remains safe and away from being stolen along with your precious belongings. Valuables can be anything from monetarily expensive items to personally affecting information or documents, which can be very hard to recreate or get back, and maybe very important for your careers or so.

Vehicles are modes of transport, not banks, and if you treat them like banks, well you’re going to get robbed because thieves aren’t going to come back to give you important items back.

Wrap Your Key Fob in Tin Foil

Whether you’re coming from your office or anywhere else, usually try not to open your car doors using your key fobs from a long distance. And sometimes, the buttons get pressed without you wanting to press them. Either don’t use remote keys or make sure if you do, take necessary precautions for them. These accidents put burglars at advantage and they are able to steal your cars if they’re at the right place at the right time. Therefore, it order to avoid such circumstances, make sure you wrap your key fobs in tin foil, so the thieves cannot steal the signals from the remotes and in turn, you can keep your cars from being stolen.

Anti-Theft Signal

This one is the best trick if you want to go for a cheap yet subtle security system. It has been recorded to have a lot of impact on vehicular theft. A lot fewer cases are being recorded because of this.

How do these Boxes Work?

Well, they work in such a way that they act as decoys that you can place anywhere in your cars, and flash a red light when you’re not in the car, making it look like a security system and confusing the robber. This confusion creates a hassle for the thieves and as they try to attract as little attention as they can, they avoid going for vehicles that seem suspicious, thus saving your cars from possible theft.

Using all these effective tips and tricks can help you in making sure you can keep your cars and the valuables present in them safe and sound.

The following are some impacts and factors that these methods can induce.

Keeping your car out of reach of robbers and burglars in all kinds of situations.

Making sure that your valuables stay out of danger and also out of your car as well.

Reducing vehicular theft and saving a lot of people from losing valuables and precious items.


At the end of the day, it is all a matter of personal responsibility. Whatever measures other than even these tips you might find, you would try to apply as substitutes for fancy security equipment to protect your vehicles. Using the right methods you can reduce the possibility of becoming a theft victim, and be able to take care of your vehicles. These tips have helped many people all around the world and they might be able to help you as well. So make sure you adopt these anti-theft deterrents and methods.