Best The Club Steering Wheel Locks

Best The Club Steering Wheel Locks

The rate of car thefts is shocking and is at an all-time high. This makes it necessary to equip your car with the best security systems to ensure its protection. A steering wheel lock is one of the safest and most effective accessories to get the job done. Despite being simple and within budget, they secure cars well.

Take the Club line of steering locks for example. Nearly two decades after it hit the shelves in 1986, their products continue to dominate the steering lock/car safety market and are hard to beat in terms of installation, maintenance and functions. The products are foolproof and available in a variety of designs and sizes to fit most vehicles. The following are the best products the Club brand has to offer.

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock, Red

The first ever product launched by The Club in 1986, The 1000 original Club Steering Wheel lock has managed to maintain its status till today. Its mixture of sturdiness, security, simplicity and affordability make this the most go-to product for the best all-rounder steering wheel lock.

The opening of this is 16.3’’ maximum, making it compatible with most cars, vans and SUV’s. This is a well-assembled product that offers great value and features, including a patented self-locking feature. It is constructed using a professional-grade Cro-moly steel that is resistant to hammering, sawing, and prying and Freon attacks. The visual theft deterrence design, which includes solid steel hooks, gives added security and has a one of a kind vinyl-padded framework that installs fast.

The Club 1000 original steering wheel lock is easy to use and flexible. It comes with two sets of keys in case you ever lose one, and in the event that you lose both sets, the Club’s customer service will send a replacement. Not many steering wheel brands have a dedicated customer support and this is a bonus for the company. For a product that is a classic, it is well priced and available in a bright red color.


  • Solid Steel Hooks
  • Universal Fit For Most Cars
  • Self-Locking
  • 2 Sets Of Keys
  • Customer Service


  • Short Warranty
  • Insecure Against Airbag Thefts

If you are on the market for a budget friendly steering wheel lock for daily use, you won’t go wrong with The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock. It has been a favorite among drivers for years due to its reliability and compatibility with most vehicles.

The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock, Red

Another popular product from The Club, the CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock extends from the steering wheels to the brakes and clutch, making steering impossible and the car immovable. It is versatile and easy to install and use. The design is universal and fits most automobiles, including trucks and SUVs, with the body constructed with a tempered steel that is Freon-resistant and immune to prying, hammering, cutting, and sawing.

The Club adds its patented self-locking factor to all its products which takes it one step further and gives greater security. It comes as a finished product, so there is no need to assemble the parts, and has a flashy red color with a vinyl finish that thieves have learned to identify from a distance and stay away from.

Even if a thief manages to break into your car, he will be unable to drive away with it or cut through the sturdy Club CL303. Its affordable price, design and performance have gained a 5 star rating from over 150 happy customers on Amazon.


  • Attaches Steering Wheel To The Pedals
  • Bright Red Visible Color
  • Patented Self-locking Feature
  • Universal Fit
  • Sturdy Body
  • Price


  • Key Gets Stuck Sometimes
  • Possible Steering Wheel Indentation

This is another fantastic product from The Club. While the 1000 Original Club Lock is a classic and still exactly the way it was when it first came out, the CL303 is a modern update and guarantees security satisfaction.

The Club 2100 Truck/SUV Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 2100 Truck/SUV Club Steering Wheel Lock, Red

Although it is true that all The Club steering wheel locks are compatible with larger vehicles, there are a select few steering wheels of pickup trucks and SUV’s that the regular sized locks don’t fit properly. The Club has catered to the needs of those who are looking for a steering wheel lock for larger vehicles, making The Club 2100 Truck/SUV Club steering wheel lock an ideal choice.

It is difficult to secure a large vehicle with security car alarms and remote starters, which is why The Club Truck/ SUV lock is our top choice for larger vehicles due to its great features, safety precautions and ease of use. It has combined features of a regular steering lock with some additional ones.

The Club’s patented self-locking feature is present of course, and the rod is 19’’ long to accommodate large vehicles. The laser encrypted keys cannot be duplicated and the whole device is resistant to common forms of attacks. Despite its King size, the price doesn’t differ much from the Club’s regular steering locks and the signature red color.


  • Longer Rod Shaft
  • Laser Encrypted Keys
  • Self-locking Feature
  • Resistant To Attacks
  • Extended Length Up To 19’’
  • Bright Red Color


  • Keys Are Irreplaceable
  • 90 Days Warranty
  • Insecure Against Multiple Cutting

Larger vehicles are easier to steal due to the lack of products that cater to their safety requirements. Thanks to The Club’s 2100, instead of dealing with wiring and installation manuals, truck drivers can now leave their vehicles unattended without having to worry about someone driving away with it.


Ever since thieves and hackers have been able to bypass security systems and alarms, the steering lock had become popular again as the best way to secure your car. Despite being old-fashioned and basic, it is one of the best ways to outsmart thieves. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock is best recommended as it is a modern take on the tried and tested steering wheel framework, and is tamper proof.


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