KKmoon Universal Car Security System Burglar Alarm Protection

KKmoon Universal Car Security System Burglar Alarm Protection

Vehicle theft is becoming a serious problem these days as an increasing number of vehicles are stolen right from their the parking spots. It is essential to protect your vehicles in every way possible, as it is likely one of the biggest investment of your life and you certainly do not want to lose your investment to theft.

You can protect your vehicle by installing a talking car alarm system. KKMoon Universal Car Security System, by the vendor KKMoon, is quite popular in this category. Although there are a number of vendors offering talking alarm systems for vehicles, nothing can beat KKMoon in this domain.

KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System Burglar Alarm Protection Anti-theft System with 2 Remote Contoller See on Amazon

This specific alarm system from KKMoon is no less than a blessing for a vehicle in order to protect it from every side. It consists of all the features that a vehicle owner is looking for in an alarm system. The system is an easy wire hookup that even a novice can install.

Moreover, this talking alarm system also has a built-in current sensor, onboard shock sensor and a full-time panic button for flexible functionality. This vehicle security system also helps you in find your car using the remote car finder feature with an antenna of range up to 250 feet.


Let us discuss the different features of this Anti-Theft Alarm System for further consideration:

One-Wire Hookup

You do not need to be a technician or an expert vehicle person to install this system as it is just a simple one-wire hookup system that every person can DIY at homes. If you need a security system that you can install yourself, this product is ideal for you.

Remote Transmitter

KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System Burglar Alarm Protection Anti-theft System with 2 Remote Contoller

This alarm system comes with a remote transmitter that has 4 buttons for easy handling of the car even while sitting at remote distances of up to 250 feet. You can handle your vehicle while sitting 250 feet away from it.

Built-in Sensors

The sensors make this alarm system quite flexible and very desirable. This alarm system has a built-in sensor, and a panic button with a shock sensor for complete functionality.

Remote Car Finder

You can never lose your car again because along with the alarm system, this system is a car finder as well with seven talking messages that help you to find your car easily within 250 feet of distance.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s explore the pros and cons of this particular system:

The Pros

  • DIY Installation: You do not need to worry about the installation of this vehicle alarm system, as it is totally a DIY task. It contains a simple one-wire hookup which can be done with quite ease and comfort and no technical expertise is required for that.
  • Remote Control: You can control your vehicle using this alarm system with its remote transmitter, which is also counted as a positive point of this system since the majority of alarm systems do not support remote controlling.
  • Extensive Range: The remote has a long range of 250 feet, which means you can control your vehicle from a distance, and the ssytem can help you find your car easily in the crowd.
  • Appropriate Price: The low price seems to be quite appropriate, bearing in mind the features and facilities of this alarm system.

The Cons

  • Shock Sensor Sometimes Does Not Work: The shock sensor could be little better and improved.
  • Longevity is not the best with this device; it’s great as a cheap and quick addition, especially for those who have never installed a system like it before.


This  is one of the top manufacturers of vehicle alarm systems and is widely considered to be the best when it comes to vehicle security and protection. Talking about this specific model, it has all the features that a vehicle owner wants in his vehicle protection system.

This vehicle alarm system has an easy to install one-wire hookup system so that non-technical car owners can easily install them. Moreover, it has a remote transmitter with 4 buttons for remote controlling from a range of up to 250 feet. This alarm system also has multiple sensors, including the shock sensor and current sensor for flexible operation.

It is built with seven spoken messages that can help you to find the car remotely, but the remote works only up to 250 feet. However, the cheap price tag and innumerable users all around the world have used this product successfully.

Alternative Products

Although there are a number of talking vehicle alarm systems in the market, right now I could not find any other reliable alternative of this Car Burglar Alarm System on Amazon.


This vehicle alarm system has totally lived up to my expectations and I have found this product to be an amazing talking car alarm system in every sense. Moreover, this product does not have major con as well which can restrict any user for making a purchase of the alarm system.

Along with that, it has a reasonable price which can prove to be quite appropriate for the people who cannot afford expensive talking car alarm systems plus for the ones that can afford expensive models but needs a high quality system.

I would give this System 4.7 out of 5 stars, only deducting because of the complaints of its shock sensors. Otherwise, this product is more than good in every feature and have lived up to the expectations of the majority of users around the globe.


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