Car Security System Reviews

Car Security System Reviews

With regards to ensuring both your auto and your significant belongings inside, there is not a viable replacement for the auto alarm system. A decent auto alert ought to serve as both an obstruction and a reaction framework. The better ones incorporate a 2-way signal system that cautions you when your auto parts are being loosened up to, which can give you those basic couple of minutes to make a move to prevent a robbery from occurring.

Something else, the sound of the alert ought to attract enough attention regarding the auto hoodlum that the theft endeavor either is prematurely ended or thwarted by law implementation authorities.

In the following reviews, you are going to discover the top car security systems.

Viper 5305V 2-Way LCD Security System with Remote Start

Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm Keyless Entry Remorte Start System

In the event that you need a budget plan minded protection for your auto, the Viper 5305V is a good decision. This alert system accompanies a solitary two-way LCD remote and a four-catch auxiliary remote, while multi-level equipping means you can control which inputs or sensors will be dynamic or not.

The product is rated 4.4 out of 5.0 on the Amazon store, with a majority of customers happy with the performance. It is made to be used in the United States and comes with an 18 months warranty.


  • Remote Start Security System with Keyless Entry
  • Includes one LCD remote and 1 4-button remote
  • Multi-level security arming allows you to select which of the inputs or sensors will be active and which will be bypassed
  • LCD 2-way security system with remote start
  • Includes 4-button remote


  • Poor Range
  • Crank Timer Has To Be Reset

Despite the fact that the 5305V offers just essential security, numerous individuals appreciate the accommodation of its keyless section and remote start ability. Reach is not especially long, but unless your auto is stopped extremely far away, the framework will have the capacity to remotely begin your vehicle and warm it up on cool days.

It demonstrates the present status of your vehicle, including data, for example, the temperature inside the auto and whether your doors are bolted.

Viper 5906V 2-way Security System with Remote

Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security

The Viper 5906V auto alert framework offers some of the best mechanisms, at a shockingly reasonable cost. This auto alert framework incorporates a two-path responder with an expansive LCD show and a restricted, five-button remote.

The thin display remote permits you to screen everything involving your vehicle, from checking the temperature inside to confirming what brought about the alert to go off.

The product is rated 4.70 out of 5.00 online. It is a popular car security system and comes with some serious discount on the Amazon store.


  • 5706V – Viper Responder 2-Way Security With Remote Start System
  • 5-Button Sidekick Remote Control Transmitter
  • 1 Mile Range
  • 4-Channel Vehicle Security System
  • Valet Mode
  • MICRO-USB Charging Port
  • More Rugged And Thinner


  • The Antenna Is Very Easy To Break.
  • Antenna Control Center Looks/Feels Cheap
  • Battery Life Is Poor

In spite of the fact that there are known issues with the receiving wire once in a while, that hasn’t halted the Viper 5906V from remaining a prevalent and very evaluated decision. This astounding auto alert framework incorporates all the security and assurance you expect, in addition to the accommodation of keyless section and remote starting ability.

Viper 4806V 2-way Security System with Remote

Viper 4806V 2-Way LED Remote Start System

This modern day auto caution framework from Viper strikes a perfect harmony between security, elements, and cost. It accompanies a slim two-way remote and a restricted, five-button remote. Despite the fact that there’s no screen on either remotes, brilliant LEDs affirm order inputs so you realize that the framework is working.

A one-mile range, keyless passage, and remote start add to the frameworks accommodation.

The device is available on the Amazon web store. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5.0 on the website, with the majority of the customers very pleased with the performance.


  • 2-Way Keyless Entry Car Alarm
  • 5-Button LED Transmitter
  • 1 Mile Range
  • Supports Up to 2 Vehicles


  • Not DIY
  • Poor After Sales Service

The remote start highlight is perfect with manual transmissions, although additional installation may be required. The framework has a quiet mode, something which is time after time ignored by most companies. The Viper 4806V is a superb auto caution framework, giving all the assurance and security essentials you’d expect, with domelight supervision, stun sensor, while also offering comfort and usability.

AVITAL 5305L Security System

Avital 5305L Security System with 2-Way LCD Display Remote

The cheap amicable Avital 5305L is made by Directed Electronics, the same organization that creates the quality and solid Viper and Python auto alert mechanisms. This essential alert framework may be moderate; however, it accompanies a full arrangement of elements, including keyless section and remote start.

The device has been rated 4.25 out of 5.0 on the Amazon web store. You can purchase it with discounts if you are lucky, especially during holiday seasons.


  • Remote Start Security System with Keyless Entry
  • Includes one LCD remote and one 4-button remote
  • Active and passive arming
  • Multi-level security arming allows you to select which of the inputs or sensors will be active and which will be bypassed
  • Panic mode will sound alarm and flash your parking lights
  • 2-Way Security system with Remote Start and keyless entry
  • 4 AUX outputs


  • Poor Support
  • Limited Range
  • Little Instruction

The shock sensors will bring about the six-siren caution to sound if anybody endeavors to mess around with the vehicle by pulling on entryway handles, breaking windows, or attempting to lift it up.

At the point when the caution sounds, an alert on the LCD remote will likewise go off and show which portion of the auto is being messed with. The absence of a noiseless mode is chafing, but can be ignored at this deal cost.


Having a security system installed in your car is a no brainer for today’s time.

From the above mentioned choices, it is clear that the Viper brand takes the lead with both of its products. Overall, the Viper 5906V 2-way Security System w/Remote is the best bang for money, with its features being top of the line. Moreover, it comes with an 18 month Viper warranty which means that your investment is always protected.


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