Custom Automatic Kill Switch Kit Review

Custom Automatic Kill Switch Kit Review

Vehicle theft is a common problem facing the majority of car owners all around the world. Although there are many techniques that can be used to prevent vehicle theft, none of them have proven to be as effective as the kill switch.

The kill switch is an intelligent and smart way to keep your vehicle safe from potential thieves and even more effective in deterring them. These switches work by disrupting the flow of electricity and disabling the fuel pump at the first sign your car has been invaded. Such switches easily frustrate thieves and they prefer to attack a more vulnerable vehicle rather than having to deal with security switches.

One such kill switch is offered by the brand MAS. Their product is called “SPST Toggle Switch”. This Kill Switch is proved to be highly effective against auto theft and so is one of the top choices for the vehicle owners.

This particular kill switch is suitable for every vehicle, no matter whether it is a car, truck or a carburetor. Vehicles made anytime between 1900 and 2016 are compatible with this kill switch kit.

This specific kill switch kit includes a mini toggle, a wire and an installation instruction manual that helps you organize the kill switch in just 10 minutes. The length and width of the switch is ideal because you can easily hide it under the seat or any other discrete crevice.

MAS SPST Toggle Switch Wires On/Off Metal Mini Small Automotive/Boat/Car/Truck


The SPST Toggle Switch from MAS has a long list of promising features., as seen below:

100% Proven

According to the sellers of this specific kill switch, this product is very workable with proven results. After installing this kill switch, you do not have to worry about your vehicle ever again as it protects the vehicle from being stolen. You can rest satisfied that your car is absolutely safe wherever you parked it.

Works for Every Model

If your vehicle was manufactured somewhere between the 1900s and 2016, this custom kill switch kit is compatible. No matter whether you want to protect your car, your carburetor or any other vehicle manufactured during 1900 and 2016, this kill switch kit is up for the job.

Ideal Dimensions

The switch is ½ inch in length and ¼ inch in width, which makes it ideal for easy hiding under the seats so that the thieves can never find the switch. This ideal dimensions help you to achieve  results more easily and effectively.

Comprehensive Kit

By purchasing this kill switch kit, you do not have to purchase anything separately as it contains everything you need for ultimate protection of your vehicle. The kit contains a wire, a mini toggle switch and a manual with you can install the system easily in just 10 minutes.

The Pros & Cons

Like every other product, this kill switch kit also has a few pros and cons that are important to consider when making a purchase.

The Pros

  • Easy to Install: Most of the kill switches are quite hard to install and sometimes you need a professional mechanic service to install it in your vehicle. But this particular kill switch kit is extremely easy to install with just 2 hookups and you are done –– no technical knowledge is required to do the task.
  • Ideal for Hiding: Some kill switches are too big and it becomes extremely difficult to hide them where thieves cannot reach them. But this particular kill switch has ideal dimensions that make it perfect for hiding under the seats or under the dash.
  • Reasonable Price: The price for this comprehensive kill switch kit is quite reasonable. The price tag of does not seem unreasonable to protect something as valuable as your vehicle.

The Cons

  • Often Burns Distributor System: After reading the reviews of multiple customers, I learned that the kill switch not only disconnects the electrical circuit, but burns the whole distributor system of the vehicle, costing you much more to get it repaired if someone tampers with it.
  • Simple Set Up: The set up process is quite simple. Anyone with a little technical knowledge can set up such a kill switch system on their own.
  • Keep Killing When Not Needed: Some users also claim that this kill switch kills the system, even when it’s unnecessary, which creates unnecessary expenses for the owner constantly repairing the interior.


The from SPST Toggle Switch MAS is a decent product with a mini toggle switch and a manual for easy installation of the switch in the vehicle. The product seems to be respectable given its lower price tag, but according to some of the customers, the product may be too simple to do what it was built for reliably or effectively.

The length and width of the kill switch is also good enough for easy installation and easy hiding inside the car seta or under the dash where no thief can find it. But some people also claimed that it burns out whole distributor system of the car, which end up quite expensive for the owner.

Alternative Products

A good alternative to this product is the Vehicle GPS Tracker with Kill Switch. Although the price is higher than that for the Kill switch kit, the product itself is much more effective and useful. Another alternative to the kill switch is the Remote Engine Kill Switch from 3Built LLC.


Considering all the features and pros and cons, I would give this kill switch kit 3.5 out of 5 stars. The product is reasonable for individuals who cannot afford expensive security systems for their vehicles, but not ideal for the people who are looking for something reliable.


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