EASYGUARD Smart Rfid Car Alarm System Review

EASYGUARD Smart Rfid Car Alarm System Review

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has a large number of uses today. Apart from its communication and efficiency features, RFID technology has found innumerable applications in crime investigation as well. The majority of people are making use of RFID car alarms to protect their vehicles from theft.

If you are also searching for the best RFID car alarm system, then the EASYGUARD Smart Rfid Car Alarm System would be the best choice for you. This specific Rfid car alarm system comes with an easy push start button, along with a transponder immobilizer with a keyless go system, making it an incredible security piece for your vehicle.

The transponder in the Rfid car alarm system is used to arm or disarm the system with ease, and it also features a keyless go system. The system is easy enough to install yourself and is compatible with 99% of the DC12V cars available on the market today.

EASYGUARD EC004 Smart RFID Car Alarm System Push Engine Start Button & Keyless Go System Fits for Most DC12V Cars


Let’s look at  some of the unique features this EASYGUARD Smart Rfid car alarm system offers to its customers:

Transponder for Arming & Disarming:

This Rfid car alarm system uses a special type of transponder that is used for arming and disarming the car. When the ACC is turned off and the car is stopped, the system waits for 15 seconds, and then automatically goes into the arming mode. And then, in arming mode, when the driver gets at least 2 to 5cm closer to the black loop wire, a sound is given by the system which indicates that the car is now unarmed and it is ready for use. This ensures extreme security for the vehicle.

Push Button Start

In the disarmed status, when the driver’s foot is on the pedal and short while their finger is pressing the push button, the car will start. The start time of the car is around 0.5 to 0.7 seconds. In the disarmed status, when you do not put the foot on the pedal and short pressed the push button, the car will go into ACC mode. And when the car is stopped for more than 15 seconds, you should unlock it first before pressing the push button.

Code Learning Method

To make it easier to understand and learn about this specific Rfid car alarm system, a special code learning method is available in the package so that you can learn it easily and face no troubles.

Push Button Stop

When the car is in the start mode, putting a foot on the pedal and short pushing the button will stop the car. The LED indicator gives you the signal of car stopping by turning off.

User Manual

This Rfid car alarm system comes with an English user manual so that you can learn to set up the system and also how to handle it whenever you are in trouble.

The Pros & Cons

Let us discuss the pros and cons of Rfid car alarm system from EASYGUARD

The Pros

  • Manual for Installation: RFID car alarm system is undoubtedly an advanced security system that can be pretty hard to set up and install. Keeping this in mind, a user manual in simple English is provided with the package so that you can set up and understand the essentials yourself.
  • Compatible with Most Cars: You do not have to go into the details of whether or not this particular model of your car suits the Rfid car alarm system. Almost all the DC12V cars are compatible with this car alarm system.
  • Keyless System: You never have to worry about the keys and misplacing keys of your cars as this system is a total keyless go system which is another big positive point of it.
  • Reasonable Price: It would be hard to expect such a long list of features and incredible positive points at a reasonable price tag.

The Cons

  • Requires Some Technical Knowledge: Although this package contains a user manual that helps in setting up the Rfid car alarm system, some technical expertise is required to set it up. Even some technicians do not know how to install it.
  • Ignition Start: Although the keyless feature is exciting to some people, many people do not like the concept of leaving the car in the ignition mode, and so consider this to be a con of this product.


This RFID car alarm system from the EASYGUARD proves to be a great product whenever security and protection of the car is needed. It comes with a push start that helps the car to operate without using a key.

Moreover, the use of transponder for arming and disarming the alarm system is incredible and it is quite enough to deter thieves, as they prefer to go for easier targets. This Rfid car alarm system also goes with the majority of DC12V cars present in the market removing the doubts of car owners.

But it forces you to leave your car in the ignition mode for keyless operation, which can seem unacceptable to most people. Moreover, it is quite hard to set up, even with the instruction manual and so a technician may have to be hired for the installation of this system.

Alternative Products

There are other alternatives to this RFID car alarm system, like the Smart Key Rfid PKE Car Alarm System. If you are looking for RFID car alarm systems from other vendors, a Guarder RFID car alarm system also works quite efficiently.


After getting to know about everything related to this EASYGUARD Rfid car alarm system, I am going to give it 4.5 stars because of its great functionality with just some minor cons.


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