How To Track Your Car

How To Track Your Car

When you buy that new Escalade or the latest Corvette, you surely do not want to lose it. Tracking your vehicle is going a step ahead to ensure it never happens. For a newbie, tracking mechanisms for a vehicle may be thought of as a device from the Back To The Future movie. However, the truth is that today tracking your vehicle is a much simple and an inexpensive method, which is recommended to be followed by every vehicle owner.

You can track your car’s position using a few steps. If you do not want to be involved at all, there are now tracking companies which do all the hard work for you. The process and mechanism are discussed in detail below and will surely help clear any doubts about the mechanism of these tracking systems, in case you have any.

With GPS

GPS is the most popular way of tracking any vehicle. GPS stands for global positioning system.

GPS vehicle trackers are important devices for observing either a solitary auto or a whole armada of vehicles. It allows you real time speed and area upgrades, including sms or email alarms in view of parameters you set ahead of time. In case you’re thinking about whether your driver has gone off the set route or if your child has been speeding, these vehicle GPS devices give you the answers you require. Point by point reports let you know precisely where a vehicle has been, the place it’s going and how quickly it’s travelling.

The gadget fits into the vehicle and catches the GPS location data separated from other vehicle data at standard interims to a focal server. The other vehicle data can incorporate fuel usage data, motor heat level, pressure of your tires, battery life, speed and a lot more.


  • Area – GPS gadgets give you a straightforward method for getting to your area. Building up your directions with a GPS is more straightforward than attempting to figure out where you are with a guidebook.
  • Route – GPS gadgets make route simpler and give a course and distance to a preset area. You can utilize GPS-based maps and see and explore landscape highlights.
  • Capacities – Notwithstanding GPS navigation, numerous units incorporate capacities such as barometric altimeters, an electronic compass, and time and date, permitting you to roll a few gadgets into one.
  • Other Features – GPS can hold an assortment of guide information and courses, with the goal that you have moment access to a considerable measure of data. A few units incorporate computerized cameras and weather sensor.


  • System Glitches – Since GPS gadgets depend on satellites, they are not impeccably suited to outside use. Obstruction from thick foliage, holes and profound space gulches can cut correspondence off when you require it most.
  • Reliability – Electronics can become irresponsible and unreliable. GPS devices are no different. GPS units are liable to disappointment from dead batteries. While you can constrain the shots of this occurrence by carrying extra batteries, it is a bother.

Popular GPS Manufacturing Brands

There are several GPS manufacturing brands across the world. The most famous ones are listed below. Some only make the software, while most make both the hardware and the software for your vehicle tracking system.

Company Handheld Automotive
DeLorme Yes No
Garmin X Yes No
Lowrance Yes Yes
Magellan Yes Yes
Mio Yes No
Navigon No Yes
TomTom No Yes



Customers in the market for GPS gear and adornments will locate a wide cluster of options over the internet.

Low costs and sellers who offer free shipping make it simple to discover appealingly GPS devices, and also any essential extras. Anybody wishing to buy a GPS unit can basically explore the eBay or Amazon websites, and discover the Electronics portal. Take your time reading reviews about the products before finalizing your decision.

You can likewise narrow down a search inquiry utilizing keywords. Just sort the words identified with your particular need into the search-box to discover the postings that match your needs. On the off chance that you can’t discover precisely what you need, have a go at shopping on other online stores.

The GPS price varies according to the features you want in it and the company you are getting it from. Usually a device will come with free of charge activation service and without any hassle of a contract. Moreover, if you are a car rental company, you can expect a bulk discount at the discretion of the seller.


As mentioned above, the GPS tracking is nothing close to rocket science as many people consider it to be. Companies are trying to make their systems as user friendly as possible, which means it will only get better. Some people may think that spending on a GPS is not worth the cost, especially when it comes down to several hundred dollars (everything included), but it is totally justified when you are trying to protect a several thousand dollar vehicle.

Note: Regardless of the type, model and price of the GPS you have purchased, you should be clever about installing it in your vehicle. Try to make it hard for anybody to access the integrated GPS. The roof of your vehicle is probably the optimum place to position your device, but make sure that the device is compatible for all seasons and water proof. You may also install it on the windshield or the front dash; however, it is not the most desirable position.

Also make sure that the device you are purchasing is compatible with your region. Most GPS companies are focused on their area of origin; hence, while you might find many which support USA locations, you might not be able to use the same GPS system if you are planning to take your vehicle to another neighboring country.


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