Most Stolen Cars

Most Stolen Cars

Cars are stolen all the time. However, the type of cars stolen are not very diverse. While the rate of automobile theft is on a descent, there are still thousands of vehicles that vanish every year. In this article we are going to discuss the automobiles which are most vulnerable to theft. Chances are you will be surprised by the cars featuring below.

The NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) has the latest stats for the year. If you are acquainted with the older stats, you are bound to notice a similarity in the list by the bureau.

#1 Accord by Honda (Approx. 51000)

Accord is one of the flagship car of Honda company, which has been extremely successful in the United States. It is not one of the most featured cars; however, it is no budget vehicle either. The car has seen numerous aesthetic and mechanical updates over the years, but its four-door version is perhaps the most sold.

Accord takes the pole position in the list of the most recent Most Stolen Cars by the NICB. More than 51000 Accords were stolen in the past 360 days. It is not an unknown position for the brand, as similar numbers of its cars were stolen in the previous years.

#2 Civic by Honda (Approx. 44000)

Perhaps the only car in the Honda range which overwhelms the Honda Accord in terms of popularity is the Honda Civic. It is one of those autos that has been utilized by a diverse customer base, from budget car owners to extreme racers. Over the years, the car has seen several notable changes. The company now aims to make it into a power house with the latest version.

Civic is notorious for its tendency to be stolen. In fact, almost 43900 robberies were associated with this vehicle in the past year alone. It is strongly advised that you keep a reliable security system installed if you have a Civic.

#3 Pickup by Ford (Approx. 29000)

The Pickup by Ford is the most famous brand of vehicle offered by the company in America. It is not only fine for normal usage, but will also take the rough and tough environment head on. Since its inception, the Ford Pickup series has seen a monumental progression to become a beast of a modern vehicle. This is 43 years of research and development, covering several generations.

The F-truck is hence a popular choice for many buyers. Sadly, it also seems to be a great choice for the robbers. Over the past year, about 28680 pickups were stolen. This makes the vehicle the third most popular stolen one in the USA.

#4 Pickup by Chevrolet (Approx. 23000)

One of Chevy’s most popular vehicle is its Pick Up truck. The series has seen transformation with name changes and manufacturing variations. However, it has maintained its high standards throughout these changes and helped establish a faithful customer base for Chevrolet. Like the Ford pickup truck, the Chevy pickup truck is also able to do a variety of jobs, from common commute to running on challenging terrain.

Chevy offers a considerable measure of full size pickup trucks every year, so maybe it’s not stunning that over 23000 were stolen in 2014. That number puts the Chevy Silverado in fourth place on this outline.

#5 Camry by Toyota (Approx 15000)

You may be wondering whether there are any Toyatas in the lineup. You might even be taking a breather assuming your Toyota is safe.

However, sadly the Japanese brand’s second most famous car, Camry, makes the list as the 5th most stolen vehicle. Camry is a universally sold vehicle by Toyota and is pretty common in the United States. It is considered a notch above budget vehicles and brings a touch of luxury for middle class families in the country.

There were 14,605 burglaries reported in the past year alone.


The type of cars which are stolen the most might surprise you. However, if you think logically, it is easy to get caught stealing top of the line vehicles with very tough security systems. On the other hand, common cars are easy to get away with and mix in the crowd. These cars are refurbished, cut or remolded. The parts may be sold separately and sometimes shipped to a totally different continent. The trade can be made very easily due to the internet. Maybe if you see a cheap deal on Craigslist, chances are something is fishy.

All in all, one must always be careful while leaving his car outside. You never know when you might fall on bad luck!

Note: There are some general safety procedures which should be followed to avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation regarding your vehicle. These procedures have been officially produced by the NICB and are discussed below.

Common Sense

Lock your auto and withdraw your keys from the system. It’s sufficiently basic, yet numerous robberies happen on the grounds that proprietors make it simple for hoodlums to take their autos.

Cautioning Device

Having and utilizing a noticeable or loud cautioning gadget is another thing that can guarantee that your auto is always where you leave it.

Immobilizing Device

Generally talking, if the engine is blocked your machine is not going to move anywhere. “Kill” switches, fuel shorts and savvy keys are among the gadgets that are to a great degree successful.

GPS Gadget

A GPS device transmits a sign to the police or to a checking station when the vehicle is stolen. GPS devices are exceptionally compelling in offering some assistance with recovering stolen vehicles. A few frameworks utilize “telematics,” which consolidate GPS and remote advancements to permit remote observing of a vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is moved, the framework will alarm the proprietor and the vehicle can be followed.


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