Prestige Remote Start and Car Alarm Review

Prestige Remote Start and Car Alarm Review

Security and protection of cars and other vehicles is extremely important and given the range of products out there, there are some products to keep your vehicle safe from all sides. In this market where all-around protection is feasible, the Prestige Remote Start and Car Alarm is one of the best all-purpose vehicle protectors you can find.

This Prestige remote car starter is also great in its functionality, as it is equipped with a car alarm system, as well as a keyless car starter. This product allows you to start your car remotely using the two one-way remote controllers, each of which has 5 buttons. Moreover, this Prestige remote car starter has transmitter notifications, along with a selectable manual override mode for enhanced flexibility.

Additionally, this product has an antenna that comes equipped with a valet switch and LED light. The price is also quite reasonable for this product, given it has so many features.

Prestige APS997Z Two-Way LCD Command Confirming Remote Start/Keyless Entry and Security System with up to 1 Mile Operating Range + Magnet


Next, let us discuss the amazing features of this Prestige Remote Start and Car Alarm:

Two Remote Controls

This Prestige remote start and control alarm has two separate remotes with one-way functionality. Both of the remotes have 5 buttons for different purposes that can be programmed for multiple functions.

Manual Override Mode

The system has a manual override mode that can be programmed by the user for flexible functionality.

Seven Function LED

This product has a glass-mounted antenna with a built-in LED light that can function in seven different ways. You can arm and disarm with the LEDs and can even transfer from zone 1, 2, 3 and arming and valet mode.

Programmed Transmitter Notification

The transmitter notifications can be custom programmed so that you can have the security notifications you want on your car at all times.

Protected Valet

Along with other incredible features, this product also comes with a protected valet to protect the remote controls from fallouts so that your remote remains functional at all times.

Programmable Auto Lock

One of the amazing features of this Prestige remote car starter is the programmable auto lock feature that allow you to control your vehicle your way. Moreover, this feature can also be used to lock and unlock doors of the vehicle.

The Pros & Cons

Let us discuss the pros and cons of this Prestige remote car starter and security system for the vehicle:

The Pros

  • Flexible Functionality: I could not find many security systems that offered such extensive flexibility to the car owners. The remote controllers for this particular system are completely programmable so that they can be molded to suit any function and have programmable lock and unlock options for doors.
  • Reasonable Price: If you are looking for a reasonable price security system and a remote car starter, this one is ideal for you. The price is quite reasonable, given you are getting so many features.
  • Comprehensive Package: Ranging from the remote controllers to the remote car starter, security system and protected valet, this package contains everything that you need for ultimate protection of your vehicle.

The Cons

  • Difficulty in Programming: Amateurs may find it difficult to program the remote controls for flexible use, although it comes with instructions. You are going to need professional and technical services to program them.


Prestige is one of the top brands for car products, especially the car security and remote starter products and you can find plenty of such products from Prestige on Amazon. Talking about this product specifically, Prestige Remote Start Car Alarm with programmable Buttons is a must have for every car. This system has flexible functionality that can be molded into any function using the programmable feature.

The package contains two remote controllers, each of which has 5 buttons for customizable controlling. Moreover, it has programmed transmitter notifications, selectable manual override mode and a glass mount antenna with a built-in LED light and a valet switch.

The LED light can perform seven functions, including arming and disarming of the car, shifting from zone 1 to zone 2 and zone 3, along with valet and arming mode. This package also features a programmable auto lock on and off feature and a programmable auto doors lock on and off.

Apart from that, there are some other features of this incredible prestige remote car starter and all this in just a price tag of $79.95 with free shipping from Amazon. But it has some cons as well. The programming of the buttons and other features can be tough for amateurs and those with less technical experience may require technician to get the remotes set up.

Alternative Products

A plethora of alternatives similar to this Prestige remote car starter can be found online. You can use Amazon to search for other products similar to this one. One of the alternatives to this model is Adiovax Two Way Remote Start, which functions in a similar way but for a slightly higher price. Other similar products are also available.


Prestige Remote Start and Car Alarm is incredible and amazing in every form because of its long list of features and minimal drawbacks. Moreover, the price of this product is also quite reasonable. I would definitely give this product 4.8 out of 5 stars and certainly recommend it to anyone looking for amazing vehicle security system along with a remote car starter as this product is the best without any doubt.


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