The Best Safety Products to Buy and The 7 Steps to Customize Your Car

We all know the importance of securing our personal belongings. It is paramount that we are proactive and have multiple devices and alarms that will help customize our cars and create a safer vehicle. When looking for the best safety products possible for your car, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want the right pieces to ensure your car is as protected as possible against theft and tampering. These are the best safety products to buy and the 7 steps to customize your car:

1) Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

GPS trackers have been widely used to track, monitor and surveil the location of a vehicle through GPS technology. This technology effectively pinpoints latitude and longitude of your vehicle. In addition, anti-theft GPS trackers also detect ground speed and direction of target. This is a vital tool to have in the event your car is stolen. The tracker is also essential for aiding law enforcement in the recovery of your vehicle. The installation directions for each device will vary depending upon specifics.

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin Magnet Case

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When looking for the best anti-theft GPS tracker with reliability, Optimus 2.0 Bundle is a great choice. The device comes with a twin magnet case. The device is battery operated and fully equipped to track your vehicle. The subscription is $19.95 monthly and users can easily cancel at any time. There are no hidden/ extra fees associated with this device. You can view your car’s location on Google Maps, featuring live street view and traffic. Simply install the device and you’re ready to go. You will receive text message and email updates on your car’s current location.

2) Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks have been used for decades to prevent vehicle theft. The first type of steering wheel lock was developed in the 1920’s. This type of theft-deterrent is visible. The steering wheel lock disables the wheel. It effectively adds another layer of protection with a physical barrier. The benefits of steering wheel locks include peace of mind, visual deterrent and prevention of turns. If the wheel can not be turned, the car would be very difficult to drive without crashing. Turns could not be made nor could the vehicle stay in the lane properly.

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock, Red

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If you’re searching for the best steering wheel lock that is strong and durable, the Club 1000 Steering Lock is a substantial option. The self-locking feature is ready to go with one pull. The wheel lock features strong steel hooks for added protection. It is a universal fit for cars, SUVs, vans and light-duty trucks.

3) Brake Pedal Security Lock

Brake pedal locks make the brake system inaccessible. The brake pedal can not be accessed, therefore making the car impossible to drive. Brake pedal locks are a strong defense against theft.

Unelko Anti-Theft Device Pedal Jack Brake Lock Security System

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If you want to take your car’s security to the next level, the Unelko Pedal Brake Lock is the best option. The anti-theft brake lock features heat-treated tempered steel. This brake lock is saw proof/ freon fracture proof. In addition, the brake lock comes with three keys that can not be remade/ duplicated.

4) Baby Monitor

In the event you don’t want to splurge on an anti-theft GPS tracker, you can alternatively use a baby monitor. Using a baby monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your car.

Security Camera Indoor, Goowls 1080P HD Pan/Tilt 2.4GHz WiFi Home Camera Dog Camera Wireless IP Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny Monitor Night Vision Motion Detection Two-Way Audio Works with Alexa

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If you are keen on protecting your car, the Goowls Wireless Wifi Camera is a good DIY option. It can be used to monitor your vehicle. The camera detects motion, features 1080P HD resolution and is fully compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. The installation process is simple and convenient.

5) Wheel Clamp

Wheel clamps prevent your vehicle’s steering wheel from completing a 360 turn. It also prevents access to wheel nuts, which could be accessed without the clamp. Wheel clamps are an effective visual deterrent and make the car impossible to drive.

KAIRAY Security Wheel Clamp Lock - Anti Theft Camper Wheel Boot Tire Claw for Atv'S Motorcycles Golf Cart Trailers Boats Max 10" Width Tire Red/Black

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If you are interested in a wheel clamp to protect your car, the Kairay Wheel Lock is a suitable option. It is heavy duty with an adjustable tire clamp, anti-theft claw and a parking stabilizer. The clamp is a universal fit that comes with two keys. The clamp is ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, ATV’s and more. The bright color of the clamp helps make it a strong visual deterrent during the day and night for all around protection.

6) Anti-Theft Locking Device

This type of locking device is used for blocking RFID signals. This method is specifically for cars that have a push to start engine with a smartkey.

Faraday Bag for Key Fob (2 Pack), TICONN Faraday Cage Protector - Car RFID Signal Blocking, Anti-Theft Pouch, Anti-Hacking Case Blocker (Carbon Fiber Texture)

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If you own a push to start engine car, the Faraday Shield Car Fob Signal Blocker is a great option. This pouch is flexible, thin, easy to carry with you and simple to use. The fit of the pouch is universal for all smartkeys. It not only blocks smartkey signals, but also prevents theft of personal and financial data through RFID signals.

7) Auto Kill Switch Kit

Auto kill switch kits are important as they prevent the flow of electricity to the battery/ ignition switch. They also can disable the fuel pump.

Master Battery Switch Kit with Screws 12-48V - Power Cut-Off Switch - Battery Isolator Disconnect for Cars, Trucks, RV, Campers, Boats - Waterproof On Off Function Automotive, Marine Switch

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If you think this is a suitable option for you, the Custom Auto Kill Switch Kit is a great tool to have. This kill switch is ideal for all types of car, makes and models. There are custom installation directions with the kit and full tech support as needed.

Protecting your vehicle is undoubtedly important. With approximately $8,407 of loss per theft, making a minor investment in these products are well worth-it. If your car is expensive, your risk of theft goes up even more. It is crucial to protect your vehicle, your valuables and yourself. Updating your car with these 7 options are the best way to keep your vehicle secure at all times. Not only do these systems visually deter thefts from stealing your car, but they also prevent your car from being broken into. Often times cars are broken into for cash, IDs, wallets, laptops, watches, jewelry and more. These security tools and devices are practical, effective and simple to use.