The Best Lock & Padlock to get for a U-haul Moving Truck

Looking to invest in the storage truck business? Starting a moving truck rental company? Thinking of owning a hauling truck? Well, security is a very major concern for all people with these ideas and more. Usually, storage trucks are very easy pickings for robberies and theft and due to this, a lot of people have lost their precious valuables, because of a lack of security measures.

To take care of these security concerns however, there are many kinds of keyless, keyed, and other locks available on the market. All of these options reduce vehicular theft at a very huge rate. the best locks for U-haul trucks and the best padlocks for moving trucks available in the market.

So, let’s get started.

Types of Locks

Well, there are many different types and brands of locks available for keeping moving trucks safe, however, we’ll be dividing locks and locking methods into the following categories.

  • Keyless Locks
  • Padlocks
  • Disc Locks

These are the most common categories that most people use. So, let’s explore them one by one.

Keyless Locks

Locks that do not require any kind of keys and have other locking and unlocking mechanisms are called keyless locks. These kinds of locks are much more complex and difficult to break into. Since they’re keyless no physical theft can occur.

Combination Locks

A combination lock is a type of locking device which uses a combination of letters, symbols, or more commonly numbers that rotate on a disc inside the lock and the correct combination unlocks the lock. This type of locking method is very safe for moving trucks and therefore, proves one of the best locks for U-haul trucks there are.

They are great because there is no physical key is required, and without a combination, it cannot be broken into. On the other hand, they can be expensive. Additionally, if you forget the combination, you will be in a lot of trouble. One last thing to keep in mind is that they are typically not as sturdy as padlocks are.


Padlocks are such devices that are latched on to shackles or chain links and locked with the help of keys. They’re very strong however, if keys are misplaced, they can be subjected to theft. These kinds of locks come with arched steel which is passed through openings between links to seal them from being opened by any means other than a key and therefore, is a very good locking device.

Padlock use can be dated back to 500 BC. They’ve been evolving since then, and even now are used as important common locking mechanisms. A list of pros and cons for padlocks available for moving trucks and vans is given below.


  • Very strong
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use

A very important advantage is that if the key is lost, another key can be created using the locks pattern without having to do any damage to the lock itself.


  • Keyed, which means loss of key can cause problems.
  • If the key falls in the wrong hands it could cause severe problems.
  • Picking is easier in most.

Master Lock M530XQLH

Master Lock M530XQLH Magnum Solid Steel Keyed Alike Padlocks, 4 Pack See on Amazon

One of the best padlocks for moving trucks and other vehicles available in the market right now, the Master Lock M530XQLH is an indoor or outdoor padlock capable of securing large vehicles like vans and trucks with ease.


  • The features of Master Lock M530XQLH are given as follows.
  • Four pin cylinder and dual ball bearing locking mechanism for extra security.
  • Contains an octagonal boron-carbide shackle
  • Shackle is extremely harder than standard steel itself.
  • It has a protective bumper for safety measures.

All these features and many more make this padlock, the best padlock for moving trucks and possibly the best locking device for bigger vehicles and trucks.

Disk Locks

These locks have a disk-like shape. And are similar to padlocks in appearance. These are usually used for motorcycles and bikes but some are also used for bigger vehicles like storage trucks etc. They contain several pins that are held together and stop the lock from being opened until the key is used which allows the mechanism to break and the lock to be opened.

The following are some pros and cons of using disk locks for storage and moving trucks.


  • Inexpensive
  • Better locking mechanism


  • Weaker, usually used for smaller vehicles
  • Keyed, which means loss of key can cause severe problems

Brinks 673-70001 Commercial Discus Lock with Stainless Steel Shackle

Master Lock M530XQLH Magnum Solid Steel Keyed Alike Padlocks, 4 Pack See on Amazon

This lock uses a perfect locking mechanism combining discuss locking method with stainless steel shackles and thus, is one of the best locks for U-haul trucks and other moving trucks.


  • The features of Brinks 673-70001 are exceptional. A list of the features is given below.
  • It is inexpensive as compared to other locking mechanisms.
  • Contains stainless steel shackles
  • Black rubber bumper
  • The discus design helps in providing minimum shackle exposure.

Due to all these exquisite features, it can be considered as one of the best security measures for U-haul and other moving trucks.

U-haul Locks

U-haul offers padlocks called Mover’s locks which are extremely sturdy and very tough. They can be paired with their trucks and can be very good for vehicular security.


  • The features available in U-haul’s Mover’s Locks are explained as follows.
  • Constructed of galvanized laminated plates zinc plated for rust resistance.
  • The brass cylinder offers smooth locking in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Mushroom-shaped pins offer maximum resistance to lock picking and other thieving actions.

All these features also make U-haul’s padlocks very efficient and affordable for security usage and arguably make them the most compatible and best locks for U-haul trucks.


You can use any of these locking mechanisms depending upon your budget and taste. It also depends upon the size of your vehicles and storage capacity as well. The bigger the vehicle, the tougher the lock must be, and in that case, padlocking would be better for you. Make sure you use the right kind of locking mechanism for your vehicular safety and that your locks are in good shape so that no thieves can get access to them or be able to pick them and cause you to lose your valuable items, just because of irresponsible security measures being taken. By using this guide you can easily choose the best lock for Uhaul truck.