Viper Smart Start Review

Viper Smart Start Review

Smart systems are taking over the conventional systems in all fields, and the car security field is no exception.

There has been tremendous advancement in the car security mechanisms. Viper is one of the brands which has been leading the innovation. It is the most popular security system manufacturer for your vehicle, with a range of products. The company prides itself on being a step ahead from the competitors and wants to create a loyal customer base.

In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing some of Viper’s most popular security systems.


Viper VS550 SmartStart Pro GPS Module

Viper VSM550 SmartStart Pro GPS Module

You can remotely turn on or off your automobile, just by a few touches of the screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch; utilizing the clever new Viper Smart Start application from Directed Electronics, the pioneer in vehicle security systems.

The basic graphical interface gives you control over the accompanying components of your Smart System security framework, which include control over the ignition of the engine, remote auto starter, trunk discharge, panic or car tracer.

The product has been rated positively by several customers. It enjoys exclusive discounts on Amazon web store, which makes it a very good deal, especially for people with brand new cars.


  • 2-Way confirmation of commands received at the vehicle.
  • Smart Alerts sent via push notification or text messaging (SMS).
  • Vehicle personalization – add a picture or change the name.
  • Dealer locator – find the nearest dealer quickly and easily using the Find a Dealer tool.
  • Password management


  • Subscription service required
  • It uses cellular service (like your cell phone)
  • Has some glitches (Viper states it will fix them in the software update)

While for the most part, it operates as it is described, the dismal support provided by Viper and the cost of installation, as well as up-keep can initially make a customer really weary of the product. However, if you break through that barrier, you will come to appreciate that if someone breaks into your car it would text you, or even notify you when you lock your keys in the. It will receive an overall rating of 3.5/ 5 for its performance.


Viper SmartStart Module With GPS Tracking – VSM250

Viper SmartStart Module With GPS Tracking - VSM250

The Viper VSM250 will permit you to screen your auto from your smart mobile phone. From any place on the planet, you have the ability to open or close your vehicle, pop the storage trunk, begin the auto and even check the velocity! On account of a stolen vehicle, the GPS tracker will make it simple to find.

The device is available for purchase on the Amazon store. It comes with free shipping across the United States and a warranty from the Viper Company. The VSM250 has been well appreciated by the majority of the customers.


  • Keyless Entry
  • Remote Start
  • Access From Your Phone
  • Locate Your Car Anywhere
  • Speed Alerts


  • Reception Issues
  • Requires Cellular Data Plan

All things considered, the VSM250 is a stunning item. You have the ability to control your auto from anyplace on the planet that has a Cellular or WIFI signal. You can additionally make limits and warnings – for example, if your auto reaches a set speed or leaves a set territory, you get an sms and/or email notice. GPS following is on point.

It tracks your auto to the accurate address, and even shows your location on the GPS when you ping it. All of it, makes the device a great deal for the customer.

Viper VSM300 SmartStart Module

Viper VSM300 SmartStart Module - start or control your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone

The VSM300 is one of the company’s latest introductions. It is an extensive device which enables you to have the ability of controlling your car while sitting on your lounge or while addressing a meeting. It comes with a software which has the features to open or close your car, start the engine or kill it, set restrictions and customize. It even works on multiple cars.

You may think that it will just make you lazy, but all these features are very practical. Since it allows you to ignite the engine you never really have to go out in winter and find yourself in a cold car.

The product has rated fairly well on the Amazon store, where you can find it on exclusive discounts at times. It is only for use in the United States.


  • Warm Or Cool Your Car
  • Lock And Unlock Your Car
  • Control Multiple Cars
  • Personalize Settings
  • Start Your Car From Virtually Any Where With Your IPhone


  • Response Lags Some Of The Time.
  • High Price
  • Poor Customer Service

Because of the (very) high cost of it, its installation and the yearly service cost of the Smart Start, VSM300 is not the most popular security system among the customers. However, the system works flawlessly and if you have the money it is the best for you.

Installation is straightforward for those who have done remote start systems before. Activation can be a bit confusing. You have to set yourself up as both a Viper dealer and customer to activate the unit. All of this can be done online. If you are confused, you can simply ask Viper to do it, but you’ll have to pay additional cost for that as well.


The cost of the Viper SmartStart system varies from device to device. However, a new user should keep it in mind that any of the Viper VSM devices are not DIY. In addition, for the cloud-based services you will need to sign up for one of the Viper’s data plans. Hence, for most users, spending on the Viper Systems can be considered a luxury, unless you live in a dangerous neighborhood.

From the above list, the Viper VSM250 seems to be the best balance between features and costs – making it the most user friendly product. It is a reliable device for most of the time and should work well once you get the hang of the system and its limits.


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