Vista20P Ademco 8 Zone Control Panel Review

Vista20P Ademco 8 Zone Control Panel Review

Intrusion and home burglary has become quite a common problem for people all around the world. This problem can be managed using various security systems in houses. Ademco Alarm System is the most common of all. It is considered to be the best burglar alarm system to scare burglars away and protect your house from intrusion.

If you are searching for an Ademco alarm system, then nothing is better than a Vista20P Ademco 8 Zone Control Panel by “Honeywell”. This Ademco alarm system has every incredible feature that a person could be looking for, especially to protect his house from intrusion and burglary.

The fire department, police and all emergency centers can be called automatically with this Ademco alarm system in case of emergencies so that you do not have to remember to do that yourself in a difficult situation. Moreover, its 8 zone control panel can easily expand to 48 zone home, making your house safe and secure from every side.

This Vista20P Ademco 8 Zone Control Panel works with all the Honeywell Ademco accessories to detect fire, smoke, flood, burglary, CO and freezing temperatures so that you can keep yourself and your family safe in all disaster circumstances. This product is an ideal system for home security.

Honeywell Ademco V20P60PK Vista-20P Intrusion Kit


The Vista20P is one of the best products launch in the category of Ademco. It has a long list of features, which are discussed below:

Automatic Emergency Calling

In case of emergencies, it can be hard to find telephone lines and make the necessary call to the emergency departments. With this in mind, Vista20P is set up to automatically call the fire, police and other emergency departments in such situations, saving you from having to remember.

48 Zones of Protection

The Vista20P control panel also gives the customers full ability and high functionality,  delivering up to 48 zones of protection. It is a 48-zone home security system that keeps your house protected from every side.

Internet Uploading & Downloading

In order to transfer information to and from the control panel fast enough, an internet uploading and downloading feature is used to send alarm signals to the and from the control panel.

Works with Honeywell Ademco Accessories

This alarm system has the ability to work with any other Honeywell Ademco accessories you may have in your home to provide ultimate protection and security. With the help of Honeywell Ademco accessories, flood, burglary, smoke, CO, cold and fire can be detected in a timely manner so that proper steps can be taken for protection.

The Pros & Cons

This product has a number of pros and cons, which are discussed below:

The Pros

  • Reliable: With its complete security step, automatic detection of fire, flood, CO, etc. and automatic calling feature, it is a complete package. The Honeywell Vista20 P is a totally reliable Ademco alarm system for homeowners all around the world.
  • Appropriate Investment: The price tag is a bargain for the value you’re getting. You can get all the features of an expert home security system at just the perfect price. What more can you ask for?
  • Works with Honeywell Ademco Accessories: You do not have to purchase separate systems for flood detection, fire detection, and CO detection, etc. as the Vista20P works will all the Honeywell Ademco accessories already installed in your home.

The Cons

  • Not for Amateurs: Despite of all of its plus points, this Ademco alarm system is not for amateurs. It can be difficult to set up and technical expertise is required to install it. Although it comes with an instruction manual, an amateur may still find it difficult to set it up themselves.
  • Difficult to Program: Some people may also find this Vista20P Ademco 8 Zone control panel difficult to program in a way that provides top notch security to the house, and so may need to hire technicians and electricians for the initial set up process, and any changes along the way.


Honeywell is among the top manufacturers of home security systems. This particular model, the Vista20P Ademco 8 Zone Control Panel, is the ultimate alarm system for your home, and the best product to protect against intrusion and burglary.

This product is ideal for automatic and advanced detection of emergency situations. The best feature of this system is its automatic calling system. Moreover, it has an advanced communication system for fast signaling to the control panel.

Although the system is extremely well built, some people find it difficult to install. Moreover, programming this system is not easy for amateurs, and some knowledge may be required. Overall, this particular alarm system is ideal and reasonably priced for every household.

Alternative Products

You can find multiple alternatives to this product, as there are a plethora of Ademco alarm systems by Honeywell geared towards a range of customer needs. Honeywell Security 6160 Ademco Alpha Display Keypad, for example, is a great alternative with excellent customer reviews. You can also browse other alternative products on Amazon.


The Ademco alarm system is great in almost every respect, with just a few cons, like challenges in programming and installation of the system. Considering all the features of this system, I would give 4.7/5.0 stars to this Ademco alarm system.


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